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A story
that continues



"On the day of Universal Judgement, for the people of Amalfi, going to Heaven
will be a day just like any other"
(Renato Fucini)



The story of a man and his love for his country.

At the end of the 1800s Francesco Mansi left Amalfi
to find work in Mexico where he made his fortune.

He had always dreamed of creating something in his hometown,
had always intended to return, he missed his native land so much.

He returned to Amalfi with his family around 1930.

In 1956 after 6 years of constructing a hotel on an empty cliff,
he stood on the terrace and said to his wife

"From here you can admire Amalfi".

He had achieved his dream.



The language he had spoken in Mexico had been Spanish,
and he decided to name the hotel 'Miramalfi', which translates into

'Look at Amalfi'.

Our bar is named after his son Mario who ran the hotel after his father,
and now Francesco, the grandson manages the hotel - it's as if the name has come full circle.

Our main restaurant, Donna Emma La Cucina is named after Mario's wife.
She was a lady of iron and ran the hotel until 2017.
She left this world in 2018 at the age of almost 96 leaving a sense of emptiness.

Miramalfi is still run by the original family, and therefore,
it is of utmost importance to them, that it be run with the same passion and love
that their grandfather Francesco had had all those years ago.

You can see why Francesco Mansi decided to build the hotel here,
it is constructed in a way to make one feel as if suspended above the sea.

The view of Amalfi always amazes our guests.
It is perfectly situated so that you can watch the reflection of the sun as it sets,
changing the colours of the crystal blue sea every night.


Guest Satisfaction
Miramalfi Hotel is the perfect place for you to unwind,
get away from it all and simply be who you want to be.